An Immersive Escape in Your Own Home

Your private cinema tonight becomes your private concert or sports venue tomorrow… with no long lines, distracting noises, and with much more comfortable seats.

The Art of Immersion

If you love the feeling of being completely immersed in the experience, a dedicated theater is the choice for you. Outside noises and light are eliminated and you are enveloped in the story through life-sized, life-like pictures and cinematic sound you can both hear and feel. No matter the size, budget, or style, a dedicated theater by The Stereo Shoppe is designed to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Movies & More

We could argue that a dedicated home theater was created to immerse yourself in the middle of lightsaber battles, but a custom home theater is equally appreciated by those who want to see their team in the championship game, those who want to watch a concert and those in your family who will surely sing along with Anna, Olaf and Elsa. It’s the favorite room for both adults and kids.

More than Theater Seats

For some, traditional theater seats are a must-have for the experience and for others, lounge seating and sofas are preferred. At The Stereo Shoppe, we have as many furniture options to meet both your comfort and aesthetic needs as we have speaker options for your sound quality and design preferences.  Speaking of sound – even performance speakers will sound flat or echo if the acoustics in the room are not addressed. We’ll help you determine if acoustic panels are needed in your space to absorb any unwanted sound.