Hear It For Yourself

We can talk all day about the value of each component and how it can improve the quality of your listening experience, but you’ve got to hear what you’ve been missing for yourself. The intentional pairing of quality components is essential for an exceptional system, but until you hear it for yourself, it remains conceptual. It’s the moment it becomes experiential for you that matters.

We invite you to come by with your favorite music on your phone, CD or vinyl and hear it for yourself!

The Art of Sound & Listening

Ask any of our team at The Stereo Shoppe (and our customers) and we’ll tell you – the best entertainment starts and ends with sound. Music moves us. It takes us with it – sometimes uplifting and energizing, sometimes soothing and relaxing – always transporting.

Since 1976, our team of high-performance audio experts has been helping folks in Idaho elevate their music listening experience in their homes.

Whether we’re watching a movie or listening to music, we notice, first and foremost, the sound. So, when selecting our line of loudspeakers, we do a lot of listening. We audition many different speakers and pair them with select components, all the while paying attention to the interaction between the electronics and how they sound together. We recommend pairings based on performance.

High Performance Electronics

The selection process for our lines of hi-fidelity components is involved and constantly evolving because the evolution of high-performance audio electronics continues to progress and impress. From our exclusive access to world-class brands of electronics featuring the latest technology, we select what we believe to be the best pairings of receivers, pre-amps/DACS and amplifiers to ensure the highest quality sound reproduction possible.

Our audio experts take pride in understanding how each component interacts to produce the sound they do. The only thing we enjoy more is helping you understand the role of each component and how they will sound together as well as the impact they will have on your listening experience if integrated into your existing system.

High Performance Speakers

There is no other way to put this…until you hear what you’ve been missing, you can’t imagine how possible it is to recreate a live music experience in your own home. Close your eyes and our high-performance speakers will make you believe you’ve got the best seats in the house of any performance hall. Open your eyes, and you’ll be equally pleased. No longer is having speakers in your living space an affront to your design and style senses.

Performance loudspeakers are easily considered acoustic sculpture. Cabinets and enclosures are created from the finest woods and premium materials with the highest design aesthetic in mind.

High Performance Streaming

Hi-Fi streaming connects convenience and quality. Streaming your music no longer means losing quality since these Hi-Fi products don’t need to compress the sound. You can enjoy high-resolution recordings that maintain the purity of the original recording even as you move seamlessly from one streaming service to the next as well as integrating your favorite music from your existing digital library.

High Performance Turntables & Cartridges

We grin when folks tell us vinyl is making a comeback. At The Stereo Shoppe, vinyl never left. Listening to music on vinyl is as much about the experience as it always was – and what an experience it is! There is something about taking that record out of the sleeve, placing it on the turntable and dropping the needle. Through these actions, we embody our experience more. The rhythm and a ritual of the experience is an emotional one and, at The Stereo Shoppe, we understand it. Listening to music this way has the power to transport us – and bring us closer to the artist somehow. The result is not only immersive but, in terms of authenticity, it is like nothing else most have ever heard. So, if you are wondering what the music you’ve been listening to digitally was intended to sound like, come on in! We are happy to stop what we’re doing and listen with you!

High Performance Sources

While we make a strong case for the joy of listening to music on vinyl, the truth is vinyl isn’t for everyone and listening to music through digital sources has improved significantly. Today’s high-resolution digital playback is shockingly close to the original recording and the nuances of the music once lost are clearly there for your listening pleasure. We’ll help you find the best digital source to meet your personal preferences and needs.

High Performance Power & Cables

No other product raises as many doubts as cables do and no other product proves its foundational value as clearly as cables do. Cables are the communication highway between your components and lesser grade cables act like an antenna introducing noise into your system. If you are experiencing “bright” or harsh sound or “noise” from your system, it may be the quality of your cables.

Once you’ve invested in high-performance components, you want to support your components with appropriate audio, video or power cables. Our selection of quality cables combat noise and distortion allowing only the warm, pure sound intended by the manufacturer of your components to come through your system.