Sound For Every Mood And Every Room

Nothing in the audio industry has changed as dramatically as the way we listen to music.

When the Stereo Shoppe first opened in 1976, we thought the epitome of enjoyment was sitting down in front of a great stereo system and we were right, of course.  There’s plenty of proof of the power music to relax the listener and even make us happy. However, if you walked into another room, you walked away from the sound. Multi-room audio has changed all that. Putting together a well-designed, multi-room audio system can take your listening experience to a whole new level of enjoyment.  Our audio experts have spent decades listening with discerning ears to a wide range of speakers, pre-amplifiers, amplifiers, sources, turntables, cables and accessories. Whether you want to enhance your current system or put something together from scratch, our passionate experts are ready to help you create the system/experience you desire.

Floor Speakers

For music and movie lovers audio quality is most important. Here, function defines form. Floor standing speakers deliver unparalleled quality and performance through the traditional cabinet design which allows for better drivers to be used that move more air, resulting in a wider range of sound. The resulting dynamics reproduce music not only as the musician intended but also as the movie director intended making them great for listening to music or watching movies.

Bookshelf Speakers

Our lines of bookshelf speakers deceptively deliver detailed, powerful sound in compact sizes that offer versatility as you integrate them into your space. Place them discreetly on a bookshelf or console or add the stand mount and let the beauty of their design speak for itself.

Architectural Speakers

Architectural speakers (both in-wall and in-ceiling) are the solution when you want to add premium sound to a room maintain a particular aesthetic. These discreet speakers come in several sizes to coordinate with the size of your light cans and are available in both round and square grills that can be painted to match your walls. This application is perfect for rooms where you want low volume sound as an unobtrusive accompaniment.

Hidden Audio

Invisible Speakers provide the ultimate in form and function when aesthetics are paramount and the sound source should be heard but not seen.
Speakers are installed into the wall or ceiling and then finished over with the same material as the wall or ceiling be it dry wall, wallpaper, wood veneer or even plaster.


Soundbars provide great sound and flexibility within a space. If floor space is limited and in-wall/in-ceiling is unavailable, soundbars provide a simple, elegant solution. Designed to match the dimensions of your flat screen display, the result is both minimalist and modern while not compromising on sound quality.


Every music lover needs a great set of headphones. Whether you use to keep from bothering others or to enhance your personal listening experience, headphones provide portability that allows you to take your concert or movie with you anywhere. With noise cancelling technology, performance headphones provide premium quality sound allowing for a truly immersive sound experience.

Wireless Speakers

While portability was long the main attraction of the wireless speaker, advances in wireless technology have improved the sound quality significantly making them a viable solution when hard-wired integrations are not an option. A strong wireless home network is all that’s needed for you to connect and control them with an app on your phone and easily stream music from your favorite streaming service.

Outdoor Speakers

Enhance the ambiance of your outdoor spaces while providing amazing audio quality with outdoor and landscape sound systems that blend into your garden or patio and withstand harsh elements. Welcome guests to your property and set the mood for any occasion as you play your choice of music from your favorite streaming service (Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, XM/Sirius.)