Here’s a little-known service that we offer – peace of mind.

We believe that happens because The Stereo Shoppe client has access to every member of our diverse and talented team, many who have 15 to 20 years in the industry.

Consultation & On-site Evaluation

At the Stereo Shoppe, we ask questions others never think to ask and then we listen carefully to your answers.  Once we understand your needs, budget and lifestyle, we suggest appropriate solutions. Our experienced consultants know which products best fit your particular needs and may offer alternatives that make using your system more relaxing and enjoyable.

With your unique requirements in mind, we’ll design your system.  Then our engineering department reviews the design to ensure full functionality and identify potential challenges.  This is a crucial step that separates The Stereo Shoppe from other integrators and which will perhaps save money and time on your project. After understanding the full scope and feasibility of your project, we will present you with an initial proposal that includes all product selection and a detailed budget.

Design & Engineering

Our design and engineering team use their knowledge and experience to turn your criteria into a detailed, executable plan.  Yet another important step, our design and engineer teams evaluate every product to find the most reliable and rewarding combinations thus assuring your system’s highest performance.  Using your blueprints, the project engineer provides diagrams and system documentation that allow our technicians in the field to more efficiently install and service your system.

Project Management

All custom projects are assigned to a project manager who manages every operational aspect of your project.  The project manager is responsible for coordinating the day-to-day details including product and work orders.  As the point person, the project manager ensures quality and facilitates communication between you, our team and any additional contractors involved with your project. Regardless of size or complexity, our project management team is committed to completing your project on-time, on-budget and with the professionalism for which The Stereo Shoppe is known.


From pre-wire to the finish-out stage our install department is committed to detail.  We are as proud of the aesthetics of our wiring as we are of the finished components.  Our clients consistently compliment the professionalism of our installers and appreciate the respect we show for your home by ensuring a clean and tidy workspace when we leave.

Programming & Calibration

Installing your equipment is only part of the completion of your system. Touchscreen technology and Universal Remotes have revolutionized and simplified system operation but first they must be programmed. Our programmers hold the highest certifications from Control4CrestronUniversal Remote Control (URC) and can help you identify the most efficient and enjoyable way to control your system.

Client Training

One thing we know for sure…all these fancy systems and universal remotes designed to make everything simple can backfire quickly if no one knows how to use them.  We understand that your enjoyment is directly related to your ability to use your system with ease. To that end, we make sure we spend time in training with every user of the system present.  We will patiently instruct each operator to obtain maximum enjoyment of the system.