WOW Room

This state-of-the-art designated home theater really does bring the “WOWs” out in people.

But it serves another purpose for The Stereo Shoppe. Created to accommodate and feature the finest equipment available, the theatre was also designed so that each component can be easily exchanged with a different one. This allows the WoW Room to serve as our reference room or a kind of “in-house testing lab”.

boise home theater demo

The theater is acoustically balanced and accurate giving us the opportunity to evaluate products we want to carry by comparing speakers, amplifiers, even cables. This enables us to understand the ways in which components pair together best.

Past “power-pairings” in our reference room have included:
• Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus Speaker with Classe
• Focal Stella Utopia Speaker with MacIntosh Monoblock and Transparent Opus interconnect and speaker cable
• Bowers & Wilkins 802 Diamonds with MacIntosh Pre-amp processor and amplifier
• the Runco VX22 w/full auto-scope with the Stewart Filmscreen CineCurve

Audio and video content for the WoW Room is stored on the Kaleidoscape digital media server, and each system is controlled easily with the
Crestron Touch Panel.