Robust Internet System

The question “How connected are you?” has new meaning these days. 

No matter where we are, we expect to be able to connect to the world around us.  Our connections are important to us.  They provide flexibility and comfort and without them we feel, well, disconnected.  

With streaming and networkable, wireless devices becoming such an integral part of home entertainment and automation, reliable networks are a necessity. 

Nothing goes from awesome to awful so fast as losing your network connection or seeing the buffering wheel on the screen in the middle of your movie.  And peace of mind about being able to control your home lighting, thermostat and locks from a distance becomes anxiety if the system you installed is not accessible to you. 

At The Stereo Shoppe, we get how important your connections are and we now offer enterprise-class solutions to network your system far beyond the scope of any consumer grade routing device.  We’ll make sure you have what you need working the way you need.