Home Control

Have you ever heard the phrase “your house should rise up to greet you”?
Well, home automation makes that statement a reality. 

control4As you open the garage, you’ll watch an entire lighting path illuminate your entrance to your home.  The “comfort of home” never had so deliberate a meaning as when you can set the thermostat to turn to the perfect temperature just 20 minutes before you arrive each evening.

No need to walk from room to room to adjust shades, lights, temperature, or lock a door again. Sound fun?  It’s more than that - a “smart” home is a smart investment.
It won’t be hard to imagine a time when every home is automated as this lifestyle is quickly becoming the standard.  Not only will you use your i-pad or touchpanel to control music and distribute it throughout your house, you’ll increase the energy efficiency of your home by controlling your lighting as well the thermostat and window treatments to limit or maximize sunlight exposure.

home automation boise

You’ll increase safety by timing lights in your home to come on when you open the garage or sensors to illuminate the hallway as you walk by at night.  Security cameras allow you to keep tabs on the kids playing in the yard or see who is at the door before answering it. 

Leaving town? No problem. Think of the peace of mind that comes knowing you can easily check on your property and control your home’s system at a distance – all from your i-pad or smart phone.

Whether your motivation is entertainment, savings or security The Stereo Shoppe can streamline all the technology in your home elevating efficiency, comfort and convenience through the perfect home control system.