Nothing in the audio industry has changed as dramatically as how we listen to music.

home theater music boiseWhen the Stereo Shoppe first opened its doors in 1976 we thought the epitome of enjoyment was sitting down in front of a great stereo system.  We were right of course.  There’s plenty of proof of the power music to relax the listener and even make us happy.  However, if you went into another room, you had to blast the volume.  Not anymore. Multi-room audio has changed all that.

Putting together a well designed, multi-room audio system can take your listening experience to a whole new level of enjoyment.  And if you think that sounds like fun for you, imagine how much fun that is for us!  We’ll introduce you to the variety of whole house audio components and share our selection speakers from beautiful floor standing models to be enjoyed as much for their beauty as their sound to discreet in-wall or ceiling speakers and rugged outdoor speakers designed to disappear into your landscape.

Now that same music you listened to in one room can be enjoyed in every room of the house and at the same comfortable sound level as the source. Speaking of the source, we’ll make it easy to access any combination of sources you need from radio and television to CD to digital music or i-Tunes.

That way, you’ll spread happy around your home.  Watch the food channel in the kitchen while the kids cheer for their favorite team downstairs.  Enjoy your favorite CD in your bedroom while a family member’s favorite radio station plays in another.  Let music accompany your reading on the patio while guests enjoy gaming in the family media room. 

Sounds complex right?   It’s our job to make it simple for you.  Come in and ask us, we’d love to show you how.