Ask any of us at The Stereo Shoppe, and we’ll tell you - it starts and ends with sound. 

boise theater speakersWhether we’re watching a movie or listening to music, we notice, first and foremost, the sound so when selecting our line of loudspeakers, we do a lot of listening.  We audition many different speakers and pair them with select components paying attention to the interaction between electronics and how they sound together. 

If you’ve never experienced how different component pairings make music, we invite you to come in and let us show you.  We love to witness the ‘aha moment’ when you discover that speakers shouldn’t be chosen “ala carte”.  Like a great entrée is made better with a perfect sauce and paired with the complimenting side dish, a great speaker reaches its potential when paired with the perfect components.

Hungry?  Sorry about that. But let’s continue the food analogy a bit further.
Just as not every person appreciates the same food, every individual has a  personal preference for sound.   And just as you may not know whether you’ll enjoy a particular cuisine until you taste it, you may be unaware of the kind of sound that appeals to you until you hear it.

Once you know the “flavor” of sound you prefer, we’ll walk you through the other considerations of selection such as size, price, application and aesthetics. We’ll gather all the essential information and help you make the perfect selection.