The selection process for our hi-fidelity components is an involved and evolving one. 

From our exclusive access to world-class brands of electronics we select what we believe to be the best pairings of receivers, pre-amps/DACS, amplifiers and source components.

As we mentioned regarding our reference room, we seek not only to have the latest technology but also to understand how each component interacts and how they produce the sound or music that they do. 

As much as we enjoy this experience for ourselves, we also enjoy helping you understand the role of each component and how they will sound together or impact your listening experience if integrated into an existing system. 

boise theater audio components boise theater audio installation

We can talk all day about the value of each component and how it changes the quality of your listening experience, but let’s wrap it up with this: the intentional pairing of quality components is essential for a good system, but until you hear it, it remains conceptual.  It is the moment it becomes experiential for you that matters.  You have a standing invitation to come by with your favorite music on your iPod, CD, or vinyl and hear it for yourself.